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EbinJacob30 years old in Luton
"Where is The one? ;)"


About EbinJacob
Age: 30

Body type: Athletic

Drinks: No

Has kids: No

Religion: Christian - Baptist

Height: 5′8″

Here for: A Relationship

Smokes: No

Wants kids: Yes

Education: Masters/Ph.D


EbinJacob's Bio
Filling all these blanks makes me feel like I'm applying for a job here.. I guess, in a way, its kind of like applying for a job, right? We are trying to impress the employer (girl/boy) by saying our good qualities, strengths etc etc. and hoping someone would hire (like) us. If we get a dream job, we all be happy, I think the same thing applies if we found that special "dream" partner. And luckiest are the people who found both. weird comparison, isn't it?
And I will start off my introduction by quoting one of my fav passage from the Bible "Romans 8:28"
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."
I'm a humble, honest, genuine and a quiet boy. I used to tell everyone that I'm an introvert. But once i get comfortable with someone, i can't stop talking. I think i'm an ambivert. I love socialising with people, but sometimes i love being alone. I love to walk around the park, or some art exhibitions or history museums, exploring new places etc. And i do love going for adventures, road trips, skydiving etc I love listening to people, their story, life, their experience etc etc. And the funny thing is, i don't forget anything. I have great memory. In a way, its good, but bad at the same time.. sometimes my friends love me and hate me for the same reason haha...
I'm an artist. I have never studied drawing, but I'm kinda ok with it. I have uploaded few photos in my album. I have a fb page with 12,000 likes. (the only thing i'm proud of) I love photography, I love singing. I used to play keyboard in my school orchestra. Then i started liking guitar. But i'm still learning. And I'm a damn good cook. (thats what my friends told me) :P I like to experiment with food. And i have heard girls love it when a guy can cook ;) haha.. When i was young my Mom used to teach me all these. If you are someone who loves Indian food or 'food', then you are in for a BIG treat. I love giving surprises, I love giving hugs, I love giving gifts.. I love writing, i used to write short stories and poems. Its been a while since i wrote something. (other than my dissertation haha ')
I like to meet someone who is genuine, honest, loving And a person who has given her heart to Jesus Christ, who i can keep as my best friend and as a partner. Who i can learn scriptures with and Who i can grow old with and be strong in faith with. To go to movies with, to go on adventures, and to cuddle up in bed and watch some romantic comedies with... I think i sounds bit like a girl here... lol Life is a long journey, its worthwhile if i can spend it with my best friend/partner. Marriage is a relationship between three people. Husband, God, wife. God has to be in the centre or else that relationship won't last long. Thats my philosophy.
"I need a girlfriend/wife like Floyd Mayweather, who just hugs me when we fight" :P haha.. Thats just a boxing joke, I don't fight. But if i have to, I will. But not with you, but For you :)
Btw, sometimes i do wave at random people. Don't be alarmed. Its just my way of saying Hi. Thats all. I don't wave at anyone that often. Only if i like something about your profile, Maybe quotes, bible verse, or similar liking, i tend to wave. I seriously don't know what's going thru a girls mind when they see a wave from a random Guy.. My assumptions are (a) who is this creepy dude? (b) oh, great, another wave! (c) why is everyone waving at me? (d) Arghhh!! Losers... lol
PS. Ladies... you can't put your trust in a man unless he can first put his trust in God
I think i have written quiet a lot here. Btw, I love writing. Anyways, keep reading.

Coffee, chocolate, Long drive, adventures, cuddles, arts, movies, kisses etc

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