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MichellePorter-Babbage54 years old in Cheltenham
"A smile costs nothing "


About MichellePorter-Babbage
Age: 54

Body type: Average

Drinks: Socially

Has kids: Yes, grown up

Religion: Christian - Anglican

Height: 5′4″

Here for: Marriage

Smokes: No

Wants kids: No

Education: University

MichellePorter-Babbage MichellePorter-Babbage 

MichellePorter-Babbage's Bio
Hi -I am very lively and busy, the days are too short for all that I want and love to pack into every 24hours. I do not understand why people get bored? I love reading, music, theatre, walking, the countryside, art, sculpture, fine and beautiful things, I see beauty in almost everything, a dried leaf, the smooth surface of a stone. I love people - people matter, my family and friends are a huge blessing to me. I love God, my faith is a central part of my life and understanding the world through God's eyes, questioning, reasoning and wrestling with scripture and the nature of church. I love a deep conversation about life, love and the world. I can be very intense, but equally light hearted and I laugh a lot often about the incidental. I'm easy to tease and am known for my love of a good G&T. I cry at romantic films and can even shed a tear over an advert - so I guess I'm emotional? Never afraid to speak my mind or confront difficult situations- I am passionate about human rights, and equality, a socialist at heart, but come from a conservative background. As a minister of religion - a relationship with me is not for the faint hearted. I am committed to a 6 day week and I don't work it is a way of life, my vocation and calling. Saying all that, I love to party - am a nightowl and love dance music, still like to club into the early hours if I get a chance? I'm not ambitious but remain very driven and focused.

Everything interests me !

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