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trudymills43 years old in
"witty and true"


About trudymills
Age: 43

Body type: Athletic

Drinks: No

Has kids: No

Religion: Just Christian

Height: 5′6″

Here for: A Relationship

Smokes: No

Wants kids: No

Education: University

trudymills trudymills trudymills trudymills 

trudymills's Bio
Hi, thank you for looking.
I am new as you can see, I have been toying with the idea for a while, shall I shall I not. I asked my self why I was holding back and what was putting me off dating
However I live for the know and I belive you have to take chances, Safe risks .

I am very much a people's person, I thrive around people and rather social when I get the chance . I also love running and biking. Keeping fit physically and mentally is very important to me and would be a quality I would look in a partner.
I push my self to be the best and can be harsh on my self, it would be nice to find a partner who will be my best friend and what me to be the best too.

I would say I am incredibly homly. I love cooking and always trying something new out. I like entertaining or the thought of it but being single takes the charm of it.

I was a medic in the army and now I am training to be a secondary school teacher, I am also a active writer, however I can only do this on holiday times but I love it and one day I hope I will get my book published.

My faith, I kind of feel I have come to a place that im more happy in my faith than I was, I have a relationship with god and I would say im secure in my faith but like us all I have weaknesses. Chocolate, wine and the desire to be loved.

It is important to say, it is important to me to find a friend first and if we are right and we fit then date.

out doors. running. writing. cooking

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